50 Years Come and Gone...

This past weekend was the 50th reunion of my high school, Will Rogers, class of 67. Good golly Miss Molly, am I getting old or what? Really I think you're  as old as your mind lets you think you are, so I'm still in my 30's, so there!

I rolled into town on Wednesday to hand the dogs off to Christie. Thursday I had an absolutely lovely lunch with Peggy Hewitt Reeves. Peggy and I went to Woodrow Wilson Junior High and Will Rogers High School together.  She decided she did not want to attend the festivities so instead we had a quiet lunch at Chili's in Tulsa Hills and discussed what had been going on the last 4 years since we last saw each other. I know we will get together again when I am in town. 

Later that day I went to spend the afternoon with a dear friend, my daughter's God-Mother, who has been in the hospital and extended care since July, recovering from several surgeries. She is finally on the mend and is hoping to go home soon. I know she will be very happy to once again sleep in her own bed!

Friday night was the big night for our reunion. We were having it at the Greenwood Cultural Center in downtown Tulsa. I decided that I would Uber it to and from the festivities as I'm no longer familiar with downtown Tulsa and there seems to be a lot of construction in the area. I am so glad I made that decision.

It was great seeing old classmates and friends, people that you grew up with. It was fun going around looking at everyone's name tag then looking at them and saying "Oh my gosh, how the time has flown, has it really been 50 years"?  We had changed so much.  There were some that had not changed at all and you recognized them immediately. 

Our committee had done a wonderful job of pulling everything together. My hat is off to them and all their hard work!  I just wish we had done a class picture like we had done for our 40th reunion. 

We had a lovely dinner, again a lot of thought had gone into it trying to accommodate dietary needs. 
  It was interesting to talk to friends and hear what they were now doing and what they had done in their lives. Talked turned to grand kids and family or retirement. 

Michael Aston was our host of hosts and entertainer. Thankfully he was here and missing out on hurricane Nate in the gulf. 

Saturday at 11am,  Wilson Junior High had a reunion  at James E. McNellie's in downtown Tulsa, as it fed two high schools as both high schools were having their 50th reunions at the same time. It was great to see the Wilson (Central) kids once again. It brought back great memories of good times and great friendships that got cut off when the kids had to go to that other school. We got to catch up for 2 hours, not enough time, but enough to make the rounds. I got firm invites to bring my RV to the hill country of Texas and spend some time seeing the beauty of the Lone Star State. I just wish our time could have been longer so I could have visited with more folks. 

I had to get to Sprouts to buy some ingredients for my homemade bbq beans for the cookout at the ranch that evening. Yes another reunion event. You can't be a Roper and not have a cookout! Not a bean was left in my pot, I guess they were good!

Cynthia Thomas Hoffman and her husband had us out to their ranch in Mounds, OK and it was beautiful! Such gracious hosts! Thank you Cynthia!  Again it was fun to see and talk to more people and learn what they had been doing. 

A lot of the talk at my table turned to the VA and what they were and were not doing. Did I have my head buried in the sand?  I did not realized so many of our fine young men of Rogers had gone to Viet Nam. I am truly sorry and heartsick for those that did not return. I am very thankful for those that did return and were in attendance at the reunion. You will always have my love, thanks and gratitude for your service. 

I tried to catch old classmates to say goodbye, but some slipped away before I could catch you. However it is nice to catch you on Facebook now and again. 

It was great to see you again after all this time. It's a shame we live so far apart and we only get to see each other every 10 years or so. So I leave you with this.

Live your life well, be good to yourself and others. For you will find your reward in your fellowman when he pays it forward with the good deeds you did for him, thus your good work lives on. Susie Smeal

Rogers and Central Friends:

Steve Montgomery
Gerald Burris
Cynthia Thomas Hoffman
Janet Sartin Beams
Ruthie Henderson Givens
Gary Chandler
Bob Lewis
Linda Newton Selman
Gaye Rumbaugh David
Michael David
Candi Crumm
Teresa Dong
Michael Aston
Lenna Baranoff Kottke
Annette Wilson Villines
Billy Caperton
Don Davis
Nicky Pilkington Moore
Brenna Haus
Ellen Jones Martin
Cindy Bailey Risner
Paula Daniel-Pergande
Bobbie Huff
Patrick Teague
Linda Roark Strummer
Stan Ward
Steve Reeves
Jimmy Walker
Jean Barsh Hatfield
Jim Ferris
and so many more...

Ride on Ropers!